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To produce our high quality tools, we use the man-made materials of both Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, which meet the requirements of DSTU, FEPA and ISO. Depending on the intended use and operation conditions, as well as to ensure the necessary stability of cutting characteristics of abrasive tools, we mainly use different ceramic bonds.

The following materials are used for production of our tools:

  • Electrocorundum 13А, 14А, 15А, 24A, 25А and analogue 91А
14a 25a

Grinding, peeling and cutting-down of steel blanks, malleable iron and hard bronze; cutting of blanks, high-speed grinding of hardened carbon and alloy steels and high-speed steel (preprocessing).

  • Silicon carbide (green) 63С, 64С and silicon carbide (black) 53, 54С
53c-54c 63c64c

Grinding and finishing of hard alloys, finish grinding of carbide-tipped tools, processing of parts of cast iron, copper, aluminium and glass, straightening of wheels.


Selection of abrasive tool graininess

F10-F22 Peeling of planes and contour surfaces in the metal industry; peeling of blanks, castings, packages and stamping blanks; flat rough grinding; rough grinding of teeth profile; circular rough grinding etc.
F24-F36 Abrasive cutting, straightening of abrasive tools, rough grinding, grinding of medium and large cutters etc.
F40-F90 Rough and combined finish grinding, processing of profiled surfaces, grinding of cutting tools and flat creep-feed flat grinding.
F100-F220 Finish grinding, dressing of hard alloys, thread grinding, dressing of cutting tools, grinding of brittle materials etc.
F230 and smaller Finish grinding of metals, glass, marble and others, dressing and grinding of surfaces, finish thread grinding of fine-pitch items, dressing of featheredges of measuring faces, super finishing and final honed finishing.