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Keramzit LLC was founded in 2000 to manufacture high quality abrasive tools of different types that meet the requirements of ISO and GOST. Our key activity area is the bearing industry.

We offer to use our abrasive tools at your plant and agree to meet any requirements of your production. We will produce a tool of any shape with the diameter of 4-250 mm and graininess of F10-F500, with any hardness (from very soft to very hard) and operation speed that ranges from 16 to 80 m/s upon the customer’s request.

We use only certified materials from aluminium oxide and silicon carbide with ceramic and other bonds when producing our tools.

The company’s production engineers have designed a special tool for the bearing industry. This tool of ANK KV63 and ANKS KV63 series of different fractions and hardness has shown the high cutting capability and stability, and allows to reduce the cycle time of a bearing ring. This is confirmed by the appropriate acts of bearing industry enterprises, SKF, EPK and others.

The production site ensures the automatic monitoring and control of the products thermal treatment using Siemens equipment that allows achieving more precise indicators, which affects the quality of products in the course of thermal treatment.

In addition to our own tests, our abrasive tools are delivered to independent laboratories for testing in order to confirm their high quality. The team’s goal is to meet EN 12413, ISO 14001 and OSA certification.

In 2006, Keramzit LLC gained certification according to the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Nowadays, the abrasive tools produced by Keramzit LLC meet the requirements of enterprises of different manufacturing sectors in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine. We plan to develop the markets of neighboring and far-abroad countries in the near future.

Keramzit LLC holds a firm position in the Ukrainian market, as it is a direct manufacturer of high quality abrasive tools.

The goal of our team is to ensure a sustainable technical solution for your tasks using our abrasive tools at a high professional level.