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Keramzit LLC controls the quality of the produced tools at several production stages:

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  • Incoming control of materials and raw materials obtained directly from the manufacturer with the relevant certificates that confirm their quality.
  • Storage of incoming materials and raw materials under the proper conditions.
  • Preparation of abrasive mass for pressing is carried out at the specially prepared site by the trained personnel.
  • Pressing of tools is conducted with the regular control of geometrical parameters and weight of the pressed tools.
  • Roasting is controlled by the separate industrial computer complex by means of a special program. It allows choosing among a wide range of modes for abrasive tools roasting.
  • End products are visually checked for mechanical damages, shears and cracks when unloaded from the furnace and taken in stock.
  • QCD (Quality Control Department) specialists carry out the random check of tools for their compliance with the geometrical sizes using electronic devices. The void structure, hardness and possible inner cracks of tools are checked using an in-service microscope and ZVUK device.
  • Products are packed into a specially designed box that excludes the possibility of product damage to the greatest possible extent.